What is a good office gift? 9 great, affordable gifts to give your workplace colleagues

According to Gettysburg College, “The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.” And while some offices/workplaces can be ridiculously amazing, some others may not. So here are 9 incredible office gifts to gift your workplace colleagues, and vibe up the day at work. So what is a good office gift you ask??! Read on!

A great gift for office colleagues can be something that is useful, motivating, and perhaps a tad bit funny. Ah! Of course it better be desk worthy. And not something that should be quickly hidden when the boss is about.

A good office gift that your colleagues at work will find motivating can be a funny sticker to stick on to their laptop, a jolly looking pen holder to hold stationery (but who uses that much of stationery these days?!), or even a mere sandwich with the filling outside. Now that’s funny.

But not desk worthy. At least not for long enough. Unless your colleague happens to be a biochemist.

While a sticker is a good – no, great – and is an affordable gift that colleagues can look at and remember you by, it definitely doesn’t fall in the very useful category of good office gifts.

A pen holder on the other hand can be a great office gift. But that would be especially useful for those with a lot of stationery sitting still at a very stationary desk.

So what you may say, can be a good office gift, worthy of sitting on the workspace – never hidden -, and worthy of carrying about, and worthy of being motivational, or stupidly sarcastically but intelligently funny, and worthy of inspiring conversations with?!

Yes we’ve got just the thing. Here are 9 incredibly good office gifts to gift your workplace / office colleagues, that can be either funny, hearty yet sarcastic, affordable, useful and not illegal, motivational and inspiring.. Okay okay enough.

Here are your 9 great office gifts to gift at your office:

1. “Chill – I got a spreadsheet for that.”

We all know that great number crunching, goal planning colleague at the good ‘ol office who just loves his/her spreadsheets! You know who I’m talking about. And yes, this be good, no, great office gift to give your colleague whether it be as a gift at the office party, or simply a mere friendly gesture of comradeship at work. And hey that’s one way to score some points! Here’s where you can grab that rightly “chill” mug.

2. “The Director – Of Unnecessary & Specially Pointless Projects”

Scoring points now are we..! Well, here’s a gift to the director at the office. Don’t look at us.. This could be your last day at work. Still it’ll no doubt either be really good fun, or be really not good fun. Or well perhaps in between. But to be on the safe side, gift that mug to a workplace colleague who’s not the director. Grab that here: White Glossy Mug | Motivation Mug | Office Mug | “The Director …

3.“I NEED COFFEE” – That keyboard slamming programmer

It’s no surprise programmers are occasionally associated with the beverage of the season. Every season. Coffee. A cool baseball cap for programmer can be a great gift to remember you by, and to also remember that shot of caffeine they didn’t forget about anyway. So here’s one that’s really cool in charcoal-grey-black, minimally, but superbly designed to convey that message. Share the coffee: Organic Baseball Cap – Charcoal Colour – “I NEED COFFEE” design

4. “I Know I’m Late. I’ll Make Up For It”

Sure you know exactly who we’re talking about. It’s that always late colleague who said that the train he/she took, apparently had a flat tire. Muy bien… Muy bien… Should we laugh or should we cry… But here’s a gift for that: White Glossy Mug | Motivation Mug | Office Mug | “I Know I’m Late. I’ll Make Up For It” – Perhaps it’ll remind him never to tell tall tales again. Or even short tales.

5. VANGUARD Laptop Sleeve for 13″ 15″ Laptops – Camouflage One

VANGUARD’s Camouflage One Laptop Sleeve is a great pick for gifting to a colleague who’s a fan of self-defense, hunting, or anything along those lines. While the print may look realistic, it’s after-all only a flat print. But what’s special about this laptop sleeve is it’s lightweight, and contains a padded zipper and an interior that is nicely lined with faux fur. Here’s where you can get the sleeve: VANGUARD Laptop Sleeve for 13″ 15″ Laptops – Camouflage One

6. “I’m an Entrepreneur, I don’t do 9-5. Apparently that means I now work 24/7…”

The 9-5 they said. You’d be free they said. Yeah yeah, you’re just another one who got caught into the net of the “entrepreneur” dilemma. Here’s the mug to sit on your office desk and remind you it’s sometimes a better deal to do the 9-5. Or perhaps not. Grab that mug: White Glossy Mug | Motivation Mug | Office Mug | “I’m an Entrepreneur…

7. “I don’t meet targets. I chase them down.”

A great choice of a gift for yourself, or a colleague at the office, that reminds oneself of focusing on what matters, and finishing what you started. Here’s where you can get that mug: White Glossy Mug | Motivation Mug | Office Mug | “I don’t meet targets. I chase them down.”

8. “Trust me I got this. And other great tales I tell myself”

For a colleague who said he/she had “got this”, and definitely didn’t have “got this”. Here’s a mad cool way to tell them they “got this” instead this time. Anyways, here’s where you can “get this”: White Glossy Mug | Motivation Mug | Office Mug | “Trust me I got this. And other great tales…”

9. “I haven’t come this far to only have come this far.”

Raise the bar. Let’s keep moving. What a great way to remind oneself that we can always do better. Sit the mug on your desk, or gift it to a colleague who could use the motivation everyday. Here’s where you can get it: White Glossy Mug | Motivation Mug | Office Mug | “I haven’t come this far to only have come this far.”


To conclude, while gifting something smart, funny, thoughtful, and useful can sometimes be a pricey venture, these few selections of gifts are not just good office gifts, but great office gifts for colleagues, or even simply family and friends. Plus they’re reaaally affordable and easy on the pocket. So get shopping if we’ve answered your question of what a good office gift could surely be.


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